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Male Haircut




Men's Hair Cut with Stress Relieving Scalp Treatment

From $25.00


Student Cut

(13-18) from $22.00

10% off

Kid’s Cut


(12 and under) $20.00

Men’s Gray Blending Color 

$25.00  & up  

Single Process Hair Color

from $40.00

Partial Highlights

from $40.00


Men’s Hair Relaxer

$75.00 & up

Beard Trim



Mustache Trim


Exfoliating Shampoo Treatment



Aveda Men’s Invati Thinning Hair Treatment

30 Minutes-$120.00 

Proven to Reduce hair loss. 94% naturally derived Invati men™4 out of 5 men say their hair feels stronger and looks thicker

Includes 2 Step Home Care Kit and Salon Treatment.




Onyx Men’s Manicure


Onyx Men’s Pedicure


Extended Foot Massage

$15.00 (15 minute)

Callus Remover Treatment


Warm Paraffin Application

$7.00 hands     $10.00 feet








Men’s Grooming Facial

$84.00 (60 Min)

(Includes eyebrow, nostril & ear waxing)

Our Sapphire Facial plus eyebrow,

nostril and ear waxing for the ultimate grooming experience

Men’s Signature Sapphire Facial   

30Min. Facial $55.00 |   60 Min. Facial   $72.00
A customized facial addressing skin conditions including dry, oily, again, uneven,

sensitive or acne with an overall focus on skin health

Back Treatment Facial 

$62.00 | (60Min)
The deep cleansing of our Sapphire Facial designed to address acne, breakouts

and other skin conditions on the back & shoulder area

Oil/Acne Deep Pore Face Treatment

$48.00 | (30 Min)

BYE-BYE Blackheads

and clogged pores with this power wash service.


Black Mask Treatment 

$10.00 | (10 Min)

Instant removal of blackheads and clogged pores


Purifying Acne Back Treatment 

$50.00 | (45 Min)

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment to help and remove breakouts 


Eyebrow   from $13.00

Middle Brow Wax from $5.00

Forehead Waxing from $15.00
Face Sides   from $15.00
Nape of Neck   $12.00
Nostrils   $9.00
Earlobes   $7.00
Half Legs from $40.00
Full Legs from $75.00
Half Arms   from $30.00
Full Arms   from $55.00
Back   from $40.00
Chest    from $40.00
Underarms   from $20.00

Pressure Point Massage



* Arrive 15-30 Minutes before your scheduled spa services to enjoy our complimentary eucalyptus sauna! 


Sapphire Massage for Relaxation

$49.00 (30 Min) - $78.00 (60 Min) - 99.00 (90 Min)
A full body Swedish massage using a light to moderate pressure to relax and

rejuvenate. Perfect for 1st time massage clients

Hot Stone Massage for Relaxing Heat Therapy

$82.00 (60 Min)
A combination of Swedish massage and heat therapy using warm lava stones to

melt tension throughout the body

Deep Muscle Therapy for Pain Relief

$82.00 (60 Min) $55.00 (30 Min) $110.00 (90 Min)
A targeted location massage designed to relieve chronic tension

in the deepest layers of muscle tissue

Sport Massage for Optimal Performance

$80.00 (60 Min)
Specialized massage & movement techniques, combined with herbal

towels, warming and cooling balms, designed to improve joint flexibility and

mobility, reduce fatigue, lengthen muscles and prevent injury


(4 hands massage) for Symmetry

$150.00 (60 Min)
A 4 hands massage performed simultaneously on each half of the body

for maximum therapeutic benefits

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage

$49.00 (30 Min)
A moderate to deep pressure massage focusing on the upper body only,

where most people carry their tension

Reflexology Restoration for the Feet

$42.00 (30 Min) $60.00 (60 Min)
A concentrated massage focusing on the pressure points in the feet and

ankles to relieve tension throughout the entire body

Acupressure Facial for Sinus Relief 

$70.00 (60 Min)
A pressure point massage of the head and face, combined with a special oil blend

to alleviate headache pressure and inflammation in the sinuses

Himalayan Salt Massage
$90.00 (60 Min)

Bring harmony to your body and spirit with the power of the Himalayas! The revitalizing power of Himalayan Salt and Therapeutic heat offer a meditative reprieve from a long days woes. This wellness treatment soothes tired muscles, releases tension and nourishes the skin with 84 essential trace minerals and elements. 

Fire & Ice Massage
$90.00 (60 Min)
This unique and customized experience delivers Basalt Hot Stones & Cold Stone therapy with advanced techniques helping treat complex tired,

sore joints and muscles. 

Ear Candling

$50.00 (45 Min)
A gentle vacuuming therapy designed to remove toxins and buildup

in the ears and relieve pressure

Pouring Massage Oil


Sapphire Brilliant Body Treatment  

$92.00 (90 Min)

A 5 step treatment, including exfoliation, clay body masque, aroma

body mist, body butter application and 30 Minutes of massage designed to restore and revitalize

Zodiac Heavenly Body Polish Treatment  
$80.00 (60 Min)

An exfoliation treatment designed around your zodiac sign with aromas and blends that compliment you from head to toe and finishes with a 30 minute massage.
Body Butter Treatment  
$80.00 (75 Min)

A dry brush exfoliation followed by a hydrating body butter application customized essential oils and a 30-minute massage

Aroma Mud Wrap  
$85.00 (60 Min)

A full body detoxifying clay masque treatment followed by 30 Minutes massage


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