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Pittston Location

Makeup Application
Look amazing with our Long Lasting Signature Makeup Collection!
Includes complimentary Lipstick or Gloss

Makeup Lesson
$55.00 (60 Min)
A step by step application and technique will chart exactly how to apply your new look
a Complimentary Lipstick or Gloss

Makeup Trials

Eyelash Application (strip lashes)

Eyelash Application (individual lashes)
starting from $25.00

Eyelash Perming/Lash Lift
Beautiful curled lashes without needing a curler, eye lash extensions, or mascara.

Eyelash Tinting
Gives fair colored eyelashes a darker tint for better visibility

Eye Brow Tint
Open up your eyes with enhances brows

Henna Brow Coloring
Color adheres to the skin underneath the hair and lasts for up to2 weeks

  Brow Lamination
A brow sculpt and brow lift to give you the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows.

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