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Mother to be

Pittston LOCation

Allow us to pamper you during this most special time in your life with treatments from a line designed specifically for you. Experience our maternity services in our tranquil spa environment, beautifully designed

with mothers-to-be in mind.



Pregnant Woman in Nature

​Nurturing Massage for Mother-to-Be

$82.00 (60 Min)
Your journey through the nine months is a special time, connecting with the baby through the power of touch, harmonizing two heart beats as one. This specialized massage helps to relieve tension in your lower and upper back, alleviate swelling in the extremities, and increase circulation, while easing your mind and uplifting your spirit. Treatment is recommended 1-2 times a month in the second trimester and 2-3 times a month in the third trimester to maximize the profound results of this healing touch.


Expectations Glowing Facial with Hand & Foot Treatment

$78.00 (60 Min)
All sensitive facial designed specifically for your changing skin. Gentle and deeply nourishing, this facial will leave your skin “glowing”.


Water Retention Relief Foot Bath & Pedicure

$45.00 (60 Min)
Gently releases discomfort from fluid retention in feet and ankles with specialized

products and massage.

Pregnancy Belly Cast form

An heirloom sculpture created on the pregnant torso as an exact replica of the pregnant form. Package includes 30 Minute Mother-to-be Massage.

Bikini Waxing

starting from $40.00
Full Leg (both)

starting from $75.00
Underarm Waxing

starting from $20.00

60 Minute Nurturing Mother to Be Massage
Expectations Glowing Facial with Hand & Foot Treatment
Water Retention Relief Foot Bath and Pedicure
Complimentary Foot Cream for Take Home
$200.00 (3hrs)
60 Minute Mother to Be Massage
Water Retention Relief Foot Bath and Pedicure
Sapphire Express Manicure
Pregnancy Belly Cast
Spa Lunch
$310.00 (4.5hrs)

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