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Ladies Haircut with Stress Relieving Scalp Treatment
from $30.00 based on Level of Stylist 

Certified Hair Stylist for Curly & Textured Hair

Shampoo and Style with Stress Relieving Scalp Treatment

from $20 based on  Level of Stylist

with Thermal Straightening + $10

Men’s Haircut with Stress Relieving  Scalp Treatment 
from $22.00 based on Level of Stylist

Student Haircut
(13-18 yrs. Old)
Girls from $28.00       Boys from $22.00 

Kid’s Haircut
(up to 12 yrs Old)   $22.00

Bang Grooming 
from $10

Aveda hair COLOR

Aveda Vegan Colour

Beautiful, Lasting & Entirely Yours

Aveda’s Custom Hair Color Aveda’s

innovative formulas leave hair essentially damage-free—infused with conditioning plant oils for shinier, healthy-looking color.

Protective Permanent Creme Hair Color 

A 97% naturally derived formula* which delivers superior permanent color that resists fading—keeps hair shiny and essentially damage-free.

Aveda Hair Color 
from $55.00 based on Level of Stylist
($15 per Extra Bowl of Color)

Eyebrow Color

Aveda Hair Color with Highlights
from $90.00 Based on Level of Stylist

Partial Highlights 
from $70.00 Based on Level of Stylist

Full Highlights
from $80.00 Based on Level of Stylist

Specialty Highlighting
(Ombre & Balayage)
from $105.00 based on Level of Stylist

Men’s Hair Color
from $25.00 based on hair length

Aveda Shine Treatment
$30.00 Add on with any other Hair Service

Aveda Shine Treatment with Blow Out and Style

$50.00 with any Level of Stylist

Corrective Color
Price determined upon consultation

Fashion Colors
Price determined upon consultation

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 1.34.56 PM.png

Aveda Hair & Scalp TREATMENTS

Botanical Repair Scalp & Hair Treatment

Strengthens and repairs three key layers of hair—from the surface to the core.

Hair is visibly healthier, shinier—naturally full of life.
$50.00 (includes shampoo & blow out)
$25.00 when added onto any hair service

Nutriplenish Ultimate Hydration & Moisture Treatment for all Hair Types & Textures
Instantly replenishes moisture with nutrients and helps relieve stress with oil and heat. 
Hair is LUSH and VISIBLY

$25.00 when added onto any hair service

Pramasana Scalp Treatment
A FACIAL for the scalp that cleanses, stimulates and balances the scalp. 
Hair is Soft, with Natural Shine.

$50.00 (includes shampoo & blow out)
$25.00 when added onto any hair service


Brazilian Blowout

 A semi-permanent hair treatment that smoothes hair by sealing in a special 

Keratin solution.  The Keratin creates a smooth protection layer around each strand, 

and this impenatrable surface means that hair can't frizz or tangle as before

when the surface was damaged. 

From $150.00

Split End Treatment


 Naturia Organic Keratin Treatment

$210.00 & up based on Hair Length and Texture

(includes hair product maintenance kit) 
from ​$150.00 without hair product maintenance kit

  • Aloe Vera Base – Keratin Formula – Herbal Infused

  • Restore & Smooths curly and damaged hair.

  • Beautiful, shiny, soft, healthy and straight hair for up 3-4 months.

  • The only Keratin product to both smooth your hair and promote hair growth!


Curls & WAVES

Customized Perms
$75.00 & up based on technique

(includes shampoo, blowout & style)




ThickEr, FullEr Hair

You're concerned about thinning hair - or you're experiencing hair loss due to breakage from scalp-pulling styles (such as tight braids, ponytails, or extensions), aging or post-pregnancy

Full results in just 12 weeks 

Research shows that repetition helps you form a new routine, so if you really want thick, full hair, commit to using invati advanced™ daily. Soon it will become a regular part of your regimen—and you'll have the hair you seek.Reduce hair loss by 53%*invati advanced™ 3-step systemInstantly thickens. Stronger hair
94% naturally derived.** Vegan.

  • invati advanced™ is vegan,  petrolatum free, paraben free mineral oil free, synthetic oil free, propylene glycol free, ethanolamine free, formaldehyde free, synthetic fragrance free, gluten free and talc free

Invati Service

 Hair & Scalp for Treatment for Thicker, Fuller Hair

$160.00  Includes Blowout & Style and Hair Product Kit

 Exfoliating shampoo: light, thickening conditioner, and scalp revitalizer.


















Shampoo and Style with Stress Relieving Scalp Treatment

from $20 based on  Level of Stylist

with Thermal Straightening + $10

Specialty Style

 from $50 based on Intricate of Style

Bridal Style & Headpiece Setting

from $65 based on Intricate of Style


Hair Extensions 

$25 Hair Consultation Fee which is redeemed at time of service

(choose from clip-in, keratin infused or tape-in styles) 




















Make Up Application with Aveda Collection


Bridal Makeup Application


Eyes Only


Makeup Lesson


(includes $20 towards Aveda Makeup purchase)

Eyelash Application

(strip lashes) $15.00

Eyelash Application

(individual lashes) starting from $25.00

Eyelash Perming/Lash Lift


Beautiful curled lashes without needing a curler, eye lash extensions, or mascara

 Eyelash Tinting


Gives fair colored eyelashes a darker tint for better visibility

Henna Brow Coloring


Color adheres to the skin underneath the hair and lasts for up to2 weeks

 Brow Lamination


A brow sculpt and brow lift to give you the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows.

Glam Makeup
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