aveda nail & SPECIalTY NaIl TREaTMENTS
(Choose from Aveda Shampure, Beautifying, Stress-Fix or
Rosemary Mint Aroma for your nail service)

Aveda Aroma Manicure
$20.00 (30 Min)  |  $27.00 (45 Min)
French Finish add $2

Aveda Aroma Pedicure
$35.00 (30 Min)  | $42.00 (60 Min)
French Finish add $2

CBD Manicure 
$40.00  CBD Pedicure $55.00.French Finish add $2These nail services are perfect for anyone experiencing inflammation or tension in the feet.
*Our non-psychoactive CBD products use the highest standard of ingredients to help relieve pain, ease tension and inflammation

Gel Manicure $38 Gel Pedicure $52
French Finish add $5

Gel polish on the natural nail lasting up to 10 days without chipping

Powder Dip Manicure $45
Dip manicure is a lightweight alternative  to acrylic that adds strength and durability to a natural nail

Silk Wrap Manicure 
(Level 1 for Strength and Durability)
 Silk wrap nails are nails wrapped with pieces of silk to create a gorgeous effect. Usually applied on shorter nails, this design is popular not just because of its beautiful results; there's minimal damage to natural nails while enhancing their aesthetics.
Silk Wrap without tip enhancement $45
Silk Wrap with tips $60
Silk Wrap Fill every 2 weeks $38
Gel Polish add $10

Fiber Glass Manicure
(Level 2 for Strength and Durability)
 Fiberglass nails are thin wraps applied to the nail for extra reinforcement
Fioberglass without tip enhancement $45

Fiberglass with tips $60
Fiberglass Fill every 2 weeks $38
Gel Polish add $10

Acrylic Manicure
(Level 3 for Strength and Durability)
Acrylic Full Set $45
Acrylic Fill $35
Gel Polish add $10



Nail Enhancements

Warm Paraffin

Signature Nail Art
$2.50 per nail

Glitter Nail Art
$7 (10 fingers or 10 toes)

Callous Remover


15-Minute Service Add-Ons

Hand Relief Renewal Treatment

This 15-minute experience rejuvenates and renews the look and feel of hands, which is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Incorporating a masque and massage techniques, this treatment features Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum and bestselling Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme.