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Arrive 15-30 Minutes before your scheduled spa services to enjoy our complimentary eucalyptus sauna! 

SAPPHIRE MASSAGE  |  Pure Enjoyment

Sapphire Massage for Relaxation
$52.00 (30 Min)  $80.00 (60 Min)  $110.00 (90 Min)
A full body Swedish massage using a light to moderate pressure – perfect for relaxation or first time massage clients

Couples Massage for Relaxation
$98.00 (30 Min) | $155.00 (60 Min)
Our full body Swedish massage done side by side in the same room for any 2 people that want to share the experience together

Hot Stone Massage for Relaxing Heat Therapy
$84.00 (60 Min)
A combination of Swedish massage and heat therapy using warm lava stones to melt
tension throughout the body

Nurturing Massage for Mother-to-Be
$82.00 (60 Min)
A Swedish style massage tailored to the specific needs of expectant mothers
*you must be out of your 1st trimester to receive this service 

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
$52.00 (30 Min)
A moderate to deep pressure massage focusing on the upper body only, where most people carry their tension

Seated Chair Massage
$1.00 per minute (5-30 Min)

Reflexology Restoration for the Feet   
$42.00 (30 Min) | $60.00 (60 Min)
A concentrated massage focusing on the pressure points in the feet and ankles to relieve tension throughout the entire body

Lava Pineapple & Coconut Sea Shell Massage
$90.00 (60 min)
Tiger Clam Shells are heated to perfection to create a gentle and relaxing massage that gives off calcium ions, calcium ions. Calcium helps to regenerate and firm the shin, soothe ache pains and reduces swelling and water retention. 

Himalayan Salt Massage
$90.00 (60 Min)
Bring harmony to your body and spirit with the power of the Himalayas! The revitalizing power of Himalayan Salt and Therapeutic heat offer a meditative reprieve from a long days woes. This wellness treatment soothes tired muscles, releases tension and nourishes the skin with 84 essential trace minerals and elements. 

Fire & Ice Massage
$90 (60 Min)
This unique and customized experience delivers Basalt Hot Stones & Cold Stone therapy with advanced techniques to help treat complex tired and sore joints and muscles

SAPPHIRE MASSAGE  |  Relief & Healing

CBD Bamboo Massage  
$95.00 (60 Min)
Heated Bamboo sticks along with our pain relieving CBD lotion combine to melt
away stress, diffuse tension and ease aches and pains.  

*Our non-psychoactive CBD products use the highest standard of ingredients to help relieve pain, ease tension and inflammation. 

CBD Candle Melt Massage 
$99.00 (60 Min)
CBD infused soy candle wax combined with Swedish Massage
techniques create this warm, deeply hydrating and muscle soothing experience. Take home remaining candle at the end of the service to continue your experience at home.
*Our non-psychoactive CBD products use the highest standard of ingredients to help
relieve pain, ease tension and inflammation. 

Tension Breaker Massage for Headache Relief   
$72.00 (60 Min)
A craniosacral therapy, focusing on the head and neck area, designed
to reduce headache tension 

Blissful Bamboo Massage
$90.00 (60 Min)
The soothing warmth of bamboo sticks infused with essential oils created a deep tissue massage like no other. Bamboo deeply knead the musculature tissue, dissipates and eliminates knots and congestion.

Sapphire Stress Buster Massage for Stress Relief  
$82.00 (60 Min)
A muscle relaxing combination of aromatherapy, deep tissue massage and foot reflexology 

Deep Muscle Therapy for Pain Relief   
$84.00 (60 Min)  $115.00 (90 Min)
A targeted location massage designed to relieve chronic tension in the deepest layers of muscle tissue 

Sport Massage for Optimal Performance  
$82.00 (60 Min)
Specialized massage & movement techniques, combined with herbal towels, warming and cooling balms, designed to improve joint flexibility and mobility, reduce fatigue, lengthen muscles and prevent injury 

Acupressure Facial Massage for Sinus Relief  
$70.00 (60 Min)
A pressure point massage of the head and face, combined with a special oil blend
to alleviate headache pressure and inflammation in the sinuses 

Revitalizing Magnesium Massage
$82.00 (60 Min)
Magnesium is an essential component that's vital to maintain balance and keep us
up to task for our daily stressors. During this targeted treatment, magnesium works to push
electrolytes deep into the muscles tissue for faster and longer lasting results. 

Ear Candling 
$50.00 (45 Min)
Gentle vacuuming therapy designed to remove toxins & buildup in the
ears & relieve pressure

Foot Detox Spa Service 
$45.00 (45 Min)
A revolutionary treatment designed to re-balance your body. Creating renewed energy
levels and a feeling of well being. This service will help to kick-start your
natural detoxification process. Includes hand & arm massage  


Gemstone Massage for Harmony  
$80.00 (60 Min)
gemstone combine with Swedish massage to bring the body’s energies into complete harmony

Shirodhara for Tranquility  
$90.00 (60 Min)

The infusion of oils are dripped onto the head and scalp which produces a soothing and calming sensation on the muscles of the head, which in turn passes via the superficial peripheral nerves of the forehead to the brain. By soothing the hypothalamus, it regulates the activity of the pituitary gland and treats conditions like insomnia by inducing sleep. Shirodhara also stimulates the various vital points all around the head and improves blood circulation. The warm herbal oils used for this process causes vasodilatation of all the blood vessels and thus improves the blood circulation in the brain.

The massage brings down the elevated serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. Shirodhara also reduces the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline and thus relaxes the mind and thereby helps in relieving stress and tension. It also helps in alleviating different types of psychosomatic ailments like stress, tension, depression, anxiety.

The Massage Bed is dressed with Rose Petals for a complete aromatherapy experience.

Nag Champa Candle Melt Massage  
$99.00 (60 Min)
Begin with a dry brush exfoliation of the body followed
by a deeply hydrating
massage using Nag Champa aroma soy candle wax & Swedish massage techniques

$150.00 (60 Min)
(4 hands massage) for Symmetry  performed simultaneously on each half of the body for maximum therapeutic benefits


BODYTreatments & Therapy

Arrive 15-30 Minutes before your scheduled spa services to enjoy our complimentary eucalyptus sauna! 

Sapphire Brilliant Body Treatment  
$120.00 (90 Min)
A 5 step treatment, including exfoliation, clay body masque, aroma body mist, body butter application and 45 Minutes of Massage designed to restore and revitalize


Zodiac Heavenly Body Polish Treatment  
$85.00 (60 Min)
An exfoliation treatment designed around your zodiac sign with aromas and blends that compliment you from head to toe and finishes with a 30 minute massage.


Body Butter Treatment  
$80.00 (60 Min)
A dry brush exfoliation followed by a customized hydrating body butter application with aromatherapy essential oils and a 45 minute massage


Aroma Mud Wrap  
$85.00 (60 Min)
A full body detoxifying clay masque treatment customized with essential oils for your body type and senses, followed by a 30 minute of Massage.


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